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Aus Postmarks

Unique and rare town dates stamps and cancels from across Australia.

          Please put cursor on appropriate state heading , and drop down menu will give you choices of collecting genre,s .            Aus Postmarks specialize in town cancels from all states, from 1800,s to present. The Australian postmarks range from common to very rare, and are listed into the separate Australian States for easy viewing . We have a wide selection to choose from, and the site will be updated regularly to add new postmark items. we cater for the serious collector to the beginner .Most stamps come from our private collections and our aim is to provide the best possible cancels. If there is a particular item you are chasing, please contact us through the site and we will endeavor to fulfill your needs.

Aus Postmarks

Aus Postmarks represents several passionate stamp collectors, who have come together to share their collections with stamps collectors located all over the world. We buy and sell unique and beautiful postmarks from Australia and Australian States.

Our Collections

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Each collection is a highly curated selection of unique and rare town datestamps / cancels.


New South Wales Collection

Tasmania Collection



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South Australia Collection


Queensland Collection

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Western Australia Collection

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Victoria Collection

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